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Weight-Loss Programs

Putting Patients First

Here at Cape Family Medical Health & Weight Loss Clinic, we have designed our program to be simple yet effective. Unlike other medical weight loss clinics, we have an advantage since we can treat all your health needs including weight loss at one location.

We have come up with a system that provides all the information you and your physician will require to tailor a program that fits “your” specific needs including your financial budget.


The first-month initial visit is only $65.00 plus a one-time fee of $55.00 for blood work. That would include all of the following:

  • Face to face consultation with a medical professional discussing your goals for weight loss

  • Necessary blood work to evaluate your health. We need the following tests:

    • Complete Metabolic Panel

    • Lipid Panel

    • CBC With Differential/Platelet

    • TSH (Thyroid)

  • Orientation to the program with informative material

    • Exercise Program

  • Vitals and other information including weight measurement recorded to keep track of your progress

    • Blood Pressure

    • Temperature

    • BMI – Body composition analysis (Total fat percentage, water percentage, muscle fat, etc..) tracked each month to help you keep informed of your progress

  • 28 Day prescription of the leading appetite suppressant

    • Safe Appetite Suppressant 

  • 1 Free Vitamin B-12 injection if you desire (A $20.00 value. See Products Page for description)

After your initial visit, each Monthly visit is only $65.00 (includes Consultation, Vitals, BMI, Workout Plans, and Prescription).